My name is Mary Ann Mendoza. I am an Angel Mom. That is used when your child has been killed by an illegal alien criminal in our country. It’s not a title I wanted or ever envisioned myself using.

My son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa Arizona Police Department, was killed on May 12, 2014 by a REPEAT ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL. He was allowed to stay in our country after committing crimes in Adams County Colorado years ago. He never showed up for his court date and was apprehended years later at our southern border coming back from Mexico visiting family. He was taken up to Adams County Colorado where a judge slapped him on the wrist and just let him go, no punishment for previous crimes, no punishment for not showing up to court and a get out of jail free card to continue living in our country not facing ONE consequence!

He ended up getting 3X the legal limit drunk and high on meth and then drove over 35 miles the wrong way on FOUR different freeways in the early hours of May 12, 2014 in Phx before slamming head on into my son’s vehicle going over 100 MPH. My son died several hours later in surgery from his horrific injuries. That day changed my life forever.

I am starting this blog mainly so that I can share my daily thoughts, information I have gathered during research and to make you aware of crimes that are happening daily in our country by illegal aliens that are not reported on mainstream media. I am also starting it because I have been suspended by Twitter (@mamendoza480)

I currently have a secondary account (@maryann66538650) for times when Twitter suspended me over telling the truth to my followers. I have been put in Facebook Jail numerous times ( and I am preparing for the day that I will not continue to bend to their RIDICULOUS censoring of my free speech. With the Anti Trust Legislation in place, it makes it impossible to sue or bring legal action against Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

I will be doing written Blogs and lots of videos as I do have a tendency to rant after reading an article and how injustice is served up on a daily basis to American Citizens who are affected by Illegal Alien Crime. Then reflect on how our elected officials blatantly defend, fight for and protect these Illegal Alien Criminals in our country including providing “Sanctuary” for them to further skirt the laws that apply to you and I. We don’t have a place to run and hide after committing a crime in our country; why should those ILLEGALLY PRESENT in our country be provided this protection?!? Maddening!

Thank you for visiting my new blog and I welcome you to come and visit often. Nothing I can say or do will ever bring my beautiful son back, but hopefully something I say will resonate with you to join me in this fight to keep our elected officials; city, state and county level and federal elected officials to a higher standard. That being Protecting Americans First and Foremost!


EOW 5/12/14

Published by mamendoza480

I am an Angel Mom not because I want to be but because our elected officials have allowed American Citizens to become collateral damage in their quest to protect Illegal Aliens at all costs; public safety, economically and sanctuary from our laws

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  1. I’ve seen you on Twitter and was so moved by your activism on behalf of other angel moms, families, and wanted to pass on my sincere condolences for your son’s horrific death by that awful excuse for a person, that illegal alien. Please be strengthened by the love and respect you have earned by your deeds.


  2. Thank you for your voice; we shall not be silenced. Your story hurts and angers me – never should have happened. I believe we finally have a prez who will not stand for this. Strength to you both!


  3. I’m so sorry your son was killed. I admire your strength. You are fighting the good fight just like he did as an officer. Thank you.


  4. We follow each other on twitter, and my heart breaks everytime I think of your beautiful son and how he was ripped away from you. I never followed a blog but yours might as well be the first. God bless you.
    Cindy Whitten


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