Ending the Flores Settlement

The easiest way to stop the illegal immigration invasion we have going on IS to end the Flores Settlement. In 1997, the U.S. government reached an agreement known as the Flores Settlement Agreement, which arose out of Flores v. Reno, a 1987 California case.

The Flores settlement requires that minors in INS custody must be housed in facilities that meet certain standards, including state standards for housing and care of dependent children. The settlement also establishes state licensing authority over detention facilities and defines a “licensed program” as any program, agency or organization that is licensed by an appropriate state agency to provide residential, group or foster care services for dependent children.

Under the agreement, INS is required to place minors in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the child’s age and special needs, provide notice of rights, safe and sanitary facilities, toilets and sinks, drinking water and food, medical assistance, temperature control, supervision, and contact with family members, among other requirements.

Notably, in times of emergency or an influx of immigrants, the government has some leeway in the amount of time a child may be detained. The expanded definition of influx as 130 or more minors could be applied to large arrivals of unaccompanied minors and may impact facility standards and oversight. Because many of the current detention facilities do not comply with the standards in the Flores settlement, the government must release children within 20 days, sometimes to a sponsor in the community or an alternative-to-detention program.

On July 24, 2015, in a momentous victory for children and families, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled that the federal government’s family detention policy violated the terms of the settlement agreement by failing to release children promptly and by holding children in secure, unlicensed facilities. 

With approximately 50-70% of our Border Patrol men and women being utilized to transport these illegals to detention centers and to basically be babysitters, you can see that there is a HUGE deficit in resources to process these “families” in a timely manner. 20 days IS NOT enough time to properly vet these adults or determine if children are in fact “family members” of the adults bringing them across our borders. We have heard of all the cases of children being trafficked by adults as the word has spread if you have a child with you, it’s basically your ticket into the United States. We KNOW previously deported criminals are in the caravan’s; they have freely admitted that to embedded journalists traveling with them. 15,000 children are listed as MISSING in Mexico alone. I have talked to a man who has witnessed children being sold in a lot of the Central American countries for a mere $80!!!!!

When did our politicians become more concerned with illegal alien “rights” then they did about the safety of American citizens and the crime that these illegals bring to our communities? I truly mean ALL of them too! First of all, the majority of these caravans have crossed our unsecured borders, not at a Port of Entry as required to file for asylum. They are then placed on many of our programs that supply them with FREE: medical, food, housing assistance, education and in some cases, cash assistance. These are ALL programs put in place for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Did any of you reading this EVER vote to have these assistance programs available to ILLEGAL INVADERS!?! I sure didn’t, yet our ELECTED OFFICIALS make these decisions DAILY! Then when they arrive here, one or more of their family members steal an American’s identity to be able to work in our country. They are ALL REPEAT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS and our politicians ENCOURAGE this!

Ending the Flores Settlement will send a clear message to these illegals contemplating a trip to get here that they WILL be spending an indefinite time in our detention centers and WILL be processed at our borders. 94% of them will be send back home because they WILL NOT qualify for asylum. It’s the most logical, sane solution I have heard in a long time. Why should we continue to release them into our country because of unreasonable “time restraints” put on the process? Why should they become the taxpayers burden and we pay for everything for them when they don’t belong here legally? Why should they be released INTO our country when our government knows full damn well the majority are NOT here for the right reasons? It’s time our politicians get a backbone, stop with the hate for this administration and STAND UP FOR AMERICANS!!!! It’s time to STOP the incentives and send a clear message to the world: we WILL NOT be the suckers we have been in the past. Our homeless American citizens and Veterans deserve EVERYTHING that is being handed out to these ILLEGAL INVADERS with basically no questions asked.

I encourage you all to call your Representatives and let them know you SUPPORT ending the Flores Settlement. Let’s get this clear message to DC!

Thank you for standing with me to fight this injustice.

God Bless,

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Loving Memory of my beautiful son Brandon

Published by mamendoza480

I am an Angel Mom not because I want to be but because our elected officials have allowed American Citizens to become collateral damage in their quest to protect Illegal Aliens at all costs; public safety, economically and sanctuary from our laws

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