Misleading the Public

When I think about how many news organizations, liberal politicians and Hollywood Elite have made their comments on the “concentration camps” at our borders, I have to wonder what is their agenda? If they truly believed that, then why is it a fleeting news moment for certain people who do their little video to post on Twitter or FB and then they go on with their lives as if nothing is wrong? I know that the fight I am fighting on behalf of all American Victims of Illegal Crime is a hourly, daily, weekly struggle. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night for all the information rolling around in my head. I cannot fathom walking away from this issue tomorrow. One statement from me or an interview can’t even come close to covering ALL the information I have and know to be the truth.

The biggest one I am mentioning is AOC going to the border and finding the ONE holding area that probably happened to have a non functioning sink and she makes a broad statement that these women are forced to drink toilet water. If I had been there and witnessed ALL these women forced to drink toilet water, trust me, it wouldn’t have been a fleeting conversation with the news. I would be fighting it until it got resolved. Here’s what I know; The one non functioning sink doesn’t represent the thousands of working sinks, hard work, endless supply of necessities we are providing or the compassion and care shown by our Border Patrol agents. I’d like to see AOC go and put a uniform on and work at one of the detention centers for a DAY. She won’t because that is beneath her. Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona led a Congressional group to tour the warehouse in El Paso. Check out his FB page. Therein lies the truth. A HUGE warehouse with endless supplies needed on a daily basis to make these illegal invaders as comfortable as possible. And trust me, it’s far more that what they had where they came from. Food, clothes, formula, diapers, underwear, socks, etc……you name it, it’s there. Our country IS providing hospitable environments for people who are illegally present and out of the blue they are demanding it to be a 5 star resort WITH the help and encouragement from Pro-Illegal, Pro-Open Border and Trump haters.

They are exploiting these illegals to start a hate campaign beyond anything we have seen. No other country provides what we have to these illegals. When you think of it, what other country could you illegally enter, demand to be treated better than their homeless population, have attorneys and politicians tripping over themselves to fight for you, have politicians changing laws to accommodate you, commit a crime against one of their citizens and be shown to an area providing “sanctuary” to you from their laws?!? Laws that had one of their citizens broke they would be held accountable to the full extent that their laws allow! THIS is what our country has become.

Until we are all on the same page realizing that we have to start at our local levels; city, county and state representatives and hold them accountable for the laws they are enacting WITHOUT voter approval, we won’t see anything changing. It is imperative that we start NOW and get the word out to our communities. Sanctuary Policies DO NOT make our communities safer! I am the mother of a law enforcement officer and I know from my conversations with him prior to his death that letting these illegal criminals out after they commit crimes in our communities makes it dangerous not only for the citizens but our LEO too! These Illegal Criminals are in the mindset that they will get off for committing ANY crime in a Sanctuary community! The area emboldened to stand up to our LEO.

I hope people will start getting the courage to speak out about these issues and try and make a difference in your communities with your friends and neighbors. Make them listen to your argument about getting the elected officials out of office who are arbitrarily making Sanctuary Policies the standard for your community. YOU deserve better. We ALL deserve better. We DESERVE the protection and representation that they promised when they were voted into office by their AMERICAN constituents.

God Bless

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Memory of my beautiful son Brandon Mendoza

EOW 5/12/14

Published by mamendoza480

I am an Angel Mom not because I want to be but because our elected officials have allowed American Citizens to become collateral damage in their quest to protect Illegal Aliens at all costs; public safety, economically and sanctuary from our laws

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