The Aftermath of Illegal Crime

You just read an article about an American killed by an illegal alien. You pause, think “how many more will this happen to?” Your break at work is over and you move on with your day. It’s understandable. When you aren’t personally affected by illegal alien crime, it’s hard to even start the thought process of what happens next.

The beginning stages are pretty much the same for any Angel Family; you are delivered the devastating news, your world falls out from under your feet and you are functioning in an altered world for days, weeks, months….basically the rest of your life. Yes, everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in their lifetime. I get that. But when your loved one is killed by someone who had NO right to be in our country, it’s a little harder to grasp and understand HOW did this happen?

Every Angel Families story is different but the same all at once. All we ever want is justice to be served for our dead loved ones. Something everyone can agree they would want in that situation. I was one of the lucky ones in a devastating situation; my son’s killer also died in the accident. I was spared never seeing justice for my precious Brandon. In the majority of cases, Angel Families are left with NO justice. The illegal alien criminal disappears in a series of poor judgement calls from liberal law enforcement policies, judges who do little for the protection of AMERICAN victims and then there are Sanctuary Policies that offer the ultimate protection for illegal alien criminals. A lot of cases have allowed an illegal alien criminal to get away from a hospital where they are being treated for injuries. Family members or friends show up and whisk them away with no justice to be seen. They leave the country, assume a new identity if they do stay here and some actually go on to commit more crimes and are rearrested.

I’m going to give you some examples of what some Angel Families have had to deal with.

Kathy and Billy Inman of Georgia lost their only child, Dustin, in a car accident almost 20 years ago. An Illegal Alien ran into the back of their car at a high rate of speed killing Dustin. Kathy and Billy were in the hospital and didn’t even get to attend their son’s funeral. They had to watch it on video several years later. Kathy had sever head/brain injuries that left her in a wheelchair when she left the hospital months after the accident. She is still in a wheelchair and is progressively getting worse. The seizures, pain and now losing her eye sight are all a result of that accident. Billy was a fighter and had been fighting for justice for his son Dustin for years. He found out where his son’s killer was in Mexico. The government knows where he is but the Mexican Government will NOT extradite him to face the charges because Involuntary Manslaughter is a Non-Extraditable crime! The illegal killer is living a great life while Billy spent the last 19 years being Kathy’s sole caregiver. Billy died suddenly in June of this year. The stress of all of this caused a heart attack. Now Kathy is all alone; facing the rest of her life aching for her son and her husband. The medical bills have been astronomical and of course, there is no help for in home care for Kathy because her disability pay puts her just above what is allowed. YET, illegal aliens in Georgia are given medical care for FREE on top of all those other lovely programs designated for American citizens that our elected officials hand out for free to NON CITIZENS!!!

Steve Ronnebeck has been waiting over 4 years for a trial to begin for the killer of his son, Grant Ronnebeck. Grant was killed in January of 2015 while working at a convenience store in Mesa, Az. The REPEAT illegal alien criminal, fresh off of probation, shot Grant point blank in the face because Grant wasn’t counting the jar of change the illegal had dumped on the counter for a pack of cigarettes at the convenience store Grant was working at. This illegal POS had already faced kidnapping and assault charges with little jail time. Now his taxpayer provided defense attorney’s have been fighting to prevent the store video showing the crime from being shown in the trial and they have fought to prove the killer is intellectually disabled. Mind you, he owned a home flipping company but now all of the sudden he was intellectually disabled. They flew 12 friends and family from Mexico, on taxpayer money, to testify at the hearing. The judge ruled he was intellectually disabled which automatically put the death penalty the prosecution was seeking, off the table. Now, it gets even better……7 of those 12 people flown in on your taxpayer money, have disappeared in the US and they have not been sent back to Mexico. Just think, we get to basically support this POS friends and family indefinitely. Where is the JUSTICE??? We are certain that defense attorneys in this country are going to cite this “intellectually disabled” case to use as the defense in their cases in which they are representing illegal alien killers, and have them deemed the same. It takes the death penalty off the table immediately. Keep an eye on the Molly Tibbet’s case.

Michelle Root has been waiting for her daughter, Sarah Root’s killer to be found. He left a hospital where he was being treated for injuries never to be seen again.

Vickie Lyon has been waiting over 18 years for her daughter, Nikki’s killer to be found. He left the scene of the accident never to be seen again.

Wendy Corcoran and her husband had to witness their son, Pierce Corcoran’s killer, be DEPORTED before the trial even began! He is more than likely already back over our borders under a new identity and living life as if nothing happened.

The list goes on and on. Let me be very clear that this is not just an emotionally devastating event, it is NEVER ENDING for some families. Many Angel Families have paid $50,000 or more in legal representation to never see justice. AND the illegal alien criminal in those cases have had their legal representation PROVIDED by……you guessed it; the American Taxpayer…you and me and the victims family PAID for their loved ones illegal alien killer’s defense attorney!!!

I just wanted to get this out there because I don’t think many people think BEYOND an article they read about a new Angel Family being destroyed. Every crime committed in this country that the end result is the death of an innocent victim is HORRENDOUS and Devastating but, know that when the perpetrator is illegally present in this country and you stop and realize we have elected officials who’s salaries we pay, that are encouraging, aiding and abetting them all getting over our borders and being able to stay here, its a pretty hard reality to accept. Then Sanctuary Policies are in place with the excuse they make our communities safer. They can all go jump off a cliff and don’t for one moment believe that ridiculous argument!!!

When will there be a hearing in DC before a Congressional Committee to hear about the devastating results of open borders. When will they take the time and show the compassion to AMERICAN victims? It sickens me every time I watch a hearing where an illegal alien is crying over being separated from their child or complaining about the detention centers……give me a break!!!! They chose to be an irresponsible adult dragging their child thousands of miles with no regard for their physical or psychological well being, yet our elected officials play on emotion but NEVER let Angel Families present these stories I have highlighted and thousands of others.

I pray everyday that not one more family is affected by Illegal Alien crime but it’s getting worse every day The amount of articles I read and cases that come to my attention are seriously starting to worry me beyond comprehension. It’s becoming a HUGE problem with NO main stream media attention. Angel Families are shoved into the shadows.

Please stay vigilant and fight the corruption in your cities, counties and states. We have to get a grasp on the liberal ideology that these illegal criminals are good for our country. They are not. Without proper vetting and control over who is entering our great country, it’s like playing Russian roulette. A big gamble with a lot to lose.

God Bless,

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Loving Memory of my Beautiful Son

Sgt Brandon Mendoza

Published by mamendoza480

I am an Angel Mom not because I want to be but because our elected officials have allowed American Citizens to become collateral damage in their quest to protect Illegal Aliens at all costs; public safety, economically and sanctuary from our laws

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  1. Tears of sadness AND outrage Maryann . Your beautiful son , and ALL the victims you spoke of, and countless others , have been forgotten by greedy, evil politicians.
    But true patriots have NOT forgotten . And I pray for the day when EVIL stands trial , and the American people put a thumbs down to these hatemongering Democrats and RINOS.
    God bless and comfort you , and ALL the angel families . May He wrap you in His embrace until the day you and Brandon meet again ❤️❤️❤️


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