My name is Mary Ann Mendoza. I am an Angel Mom. That is used when your child has been killed by an illegal alien criminal in our country. It’s not a title I wanted or ever envisioned myself using.

My son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa Arizona Police Department, was killed on May 12, 2014 by a REPEAT ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL. He was allowed to stay in our country after committing crimes in Adams County Colorado years ago. He never showed up for his court date and was apprehended years later at our southern border coming back from Mexico visiting family. He was taken up to Adams County Colorado where a judge slapped him on the wrist and just let him go, no punishment for previous crimes, no punishment for not showing up to court and a get out of jail free card to continue living in our country not facing ONE consequence!

He ended up getting 3X the legal limit drunk and high on meth and then drove over 35 miles the wrong way on FOUR different freeways in the early hours of May 12, 2014 in Phx before slamming head on into my son’s vehicle going over 100 MPH. My son died several hours later in surgery from his horrific injuries. That day changed my life forever.

I am starting this blog mainly so that I can share my daily thoughts, information I have gathered during research and to make you aware of crimes that are happening daily in our country by illegal aliens that are not reported on mainstream media. I am also starting it because I have been suspended by Twitter (@mamendoza480)

I currently have a secondary account (@maryann66538650) for times when Twitter suspended me over telling the truth to my followers. I have been put in Facebook Jail numerous times (facebook.com/maryann.mendoza.56) and I am preparing for the day that I will not continue to bend to their RIDICULOUS censoring of my free speech. With the Anti Trust Legislation in place, it makes it impossible to sue or bring legal action against Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

I will be doing written Blogs and lots of videos as I do have a tendency to rant after reading an article and how injustice is served up on a daily basis to American Citizens who are affected by Illegal Alien Crime. Then reflect on how our elected officials blatantly defend, fight for and protect these Illegal Alien Criminals in our country including providing “Sanctuary” for them to further skirt the laws that apply to you and I. We don’t have a place to run and hide after committing a crime in our country; why should those ILLEGALLY PRESENT in our country be provided this protection?!? Maddening!

Thank you for visiting my new blog and I welcome you to come and visit often. Nothing I can say or do will ever bring my beautiful son back, but hopefully something I say will resonate with you to join me in this fight to keep our elected officials; city, state and county level and federal elected officials to a higher standard. That being Protecting Americans First and Foremost!


EOW 5/12/14

Supreme Court Ruling on Asylum Seekers

The Supreme Court’s order was a major victory for the administration, allowing it to enforce a policy that will achieve one of its central goals: effectively barring most migration across the nation’s southwestern border by Hondurans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans and others.

This is only logical. Judge Tigar of the 9th Circuit Court had previously ruled the Trump Administration had no right to bar Central Americans from seeking asylum in the United States.

“The San Francisco based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on August 16th, limited Judge Tigar’s injunction blocking the rule to the nine western states over which it has jurisdiction including the border states of California and Arizona. That had left open the possibility that the rule could be applied in the two other border states, Texas and New Mexico.”

“The ALCU and others who challenged the administration’s policy in federal court said it violates US Immigration law and accused the administration of failing to follow the correct legal process in issuing the rule.” (Law.com The Recorder)

Judge Tigar took it upon himself to reinstate the national injunction on Monday. Tigar also stated that a nationwide injunction is supported by the need to maintain uniform immigration policy! Now, all of the sudden a California judge feels UNIFORM IMMIGRATION POLICY is necessary? But California doesn’t agree with NATIONAL IMMIGRATION LAWS when it comes to cooperating with ICE on detainer’s placed on ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS!!!

Idiotic Judge Tigar had the nerve to also say; He found that the immigration organizations challenging the asylum rule – including Innovation Law Lab and Al Otro Lado – would SUFFER IRREPARABLE HARM if the asylum rule were not blocked nationally! He also cited the groups’ arguments that they would have to change their resources for asylum seekers crossing the border (ILLEGALLY I MIGHT ADD) at different parts of the country as evidence of that harm??? ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?!? Since when did organizations aiding and abetting ILLEGAL ALIENS to come into our country ILLEGALLY hold precedent in our US Courts?!? You have to recognize where this is headed………….

Al Otro Lado is a 501(c)(3)

non-profit organization

incorporated in California.

We are a bi-national, direct legal services organization serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana, Mexico. The bulk of our services are immigration-related.  However, the needs of the people we serve are diverse, so we also coordinate with attorneys and non-legal professionals in a range of areas such as family law, labor law, criminal law (particularly post-conviction relief), and employment law.  We also assist families with aspects of reunification in Mexico when it has been determined by U.S. authorities that it is in the best interest of the child to live with his or her parent in Mexico.  We work with non-custodial deported parents to ensure their rights as parents are protected in the United States family court system.

Al Otro Lado started as a project in 2012 between current board members Nora Phillips and Esmeralda Flores. At the time, Nora was a Staff Attorney at CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) in Los Angeles and Esmeralda was an attorney for PDIB (Programa de Defensa e Incidencia Binacional), a human rights organization along the US-Mexico border (Esmeralda is now the binational outreach coordinator with ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties for the Lopez-Venegas settlement for victims of coercive and deceptive practices by Customs and Border Protection). Esmeralda was in Tijuana, housed at the Casa del Migrante, a large, longstanding migrant shelter in Tijuana that has helped hundreds of thousands of migrants since its inception in 1987. Esmeralda screened deportees and migrants for violations of civil and human rights by Mexican and US law enforcement authorities, sometimes within as little as hours after their deportation from the US. (alotrolado.org)

Yes folks, another 501(c)3 NON PROFIT Organization in the United States operating TAX EXEMPT while aiding and abetting ILLEGAL ALIENS to achieve their goals in gaining asylum to our great nation at any cost……and provided for FREE by the corrupt, law breaking organizations.

Now for the next startling information:



We work where the threat is greatest – where people and legal systems are most vulnerable to attack.
We are deployed in immigrant detention centers and hostile judicial jurisdictions across the United States.

A few of their Headline Articles:


2. How to crowdsource a refugee rights strategy


Building community and legal power through the Big Immigration Law Project


How to shut down an Immigrant Detention Center

THIS Folks, is what we are up against. These are just TWO of these evil non profit organizations operating in the United States TAX EXEMPT and working to bring our country down. The importance of standing up and demanding that our politicians reign these non profits in is of the utmost importance! They have MILLIONS of dollars donated to them every year…..MILLIONS! I haven’t the time or space to go into the ACLU! It’s disgusting the money that backs these UN AMERICAN organizations right under our noses AND now we have a Federal Judge mentioning them and BACKING THEM UP IN A FEDERAL COURT!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM??????

THIS is how they have the financial means to file a law suit against our President every time he makes a move. MONEY is the root of all evil. Follow the money and you will find answers. There are several other organizations that warrant mention:

PUEBLO SIN FRONTERAS: pueblosinfronteras.org

https://bigleaguepolitics.com/confirmed-george-soros-funds-the-caravans-parent-group-and-caravan-spokeswomans-employer/ via @BigLeaguePol


To most of the mainstream media, most members of Congress, and even many of their own members, the National Council of La Raza is no more than a Hispanic Rotary Club. 

But the National Council of La Raza succeeded in raking in over $15.2 million in federal grants in 2005 alone, of which $7.9 million was in U.S. Department of Education grants for Charter Schools, and undisclosed amounts were for get-out-the-vote efforts supporting La Raza political positions. 

The Council of La Raza succeeded in having itself added to congressional hearings by Republican House and Senate leaders. And an anonymous senator even gave the Council of La Raza an extra $4 million in earmarked taxpayer money, supposedly for “housing reform,” while La Raza continues to lobby the Senate for virtual open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

It’s time to start educating ourselves of what is REALLY happening behind the scenes. George Soros is a HUGE donor to Pro Illegal / Open Border organizations. All this hateful rhetoric and protests are being FUNDED! This is NOT an organic movement happening….come on! When did Americans become so hateful and divided about upholding our laws? This all has been planned for DECADES. The loss of the 2016 elections was the catapult further into this evil, spewing movement of those wanting to take over our country, take our freedoms away and to allow ILLEGAL ALIENS from ALL over the world make their move to take over our jobs, our neighborhoods, our welfare systems, our education system, medical system and our minds!

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the greatest country in the world and we have to stand up NOW and keep our values, our protection and our futures secure. We have to speak out. We have to communicate with our friends and family. No matter how futile it may seem at times, keep speaking out…..YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

God Bless

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Memory of my Beautiful Son

Sgt Brandon Mendoza EOW 5/12/14

The Aftermath of Illegal Crime

You just read an article about an American killed by an illegal alien. You pause, think “how many more will this happen to?” Your break at work is over and you move on with your day. It’s understandable. When you aren’t personally affected by illegal alien crime, it’s hard to even start the thought process of what happens next.

The beginning stages are pretty much the same for any Angel Family; you are delivered the devastating news, your world falls out from under your feet and you are functioning in an altered world for days, weeks, months….basically the rest of your life. Yes, everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in their lifetime. I get that. But when your loved one is killed by someone who had NO right to be in our country, it’s a little harder to grasp and understand HOW did this happen?

Every Angel Families story is different but the same all at once. All we ever want is justice to be served for our dead loved ones. Something everyone can agree they would want in that situation. I was one of the lucky ones in a devastating situation; my son’s killer also died in the accident. I was spared never seeing justice for my precious Brandon. In the majority of cases, Angel Families are left with NO justice. The illegal alien criminal disappears in a series of poor judgement calls from liberal law enforcement policies, judges who do little for the protection of AMERICAN victims and then there are Sanctuary Policies that offer the ultimate protection for illegal alien criminals. A lot of cases have allowed an illegal alien criminal to get away from a hospital where they are being treated for injuries. Family members or friends show up and whisk them away with no justice to be seen. They leave the country, assume a new identity if they do stay here and some actually go on to commit more crimes and are rearrested.

I’m going to give you some examples of what some Angel Families have had to deal with.

Kathy and Billy Inman of Georgia lost their only child, Dustin, in a car accident almost 20 years ago. An Illegal Alien ran into the back of their car at a high rate of speed killing Dustin. Kathy and Billy were in the hospital and didn’t even get to attend their son’s funeral. They had to watch it on video several years later. Kathy had sever head/brain injuries that left her in a wheelchair when she left the hospital months after the accident. She is still in a wheelchair and is progressively getting worse. The seizures, pain and now losing her eye sight are all a result of that accident. Billy was a fighter and had been fighting for justice for his son Dustin for years. He found out where his son’s killer was in Mexico. The government knows where he is but the Mexican Government will NOT extradite him to face the charges because Involuntary Manslaughter is a Non-Extraditable crime! The illegal killer is living a great life while Billy spent the last 19 years being Kathy’s sole caregiver. Billy died suddenly in June of this year. The stress of all of this caused a heart attack. Now Kathy is all alone; facing the rest of her life aching for her son and her husband. The medical bills have been astronomical and of course, there is no help for in home care for Kathy because her disability pay puts her just above what is allowed. YET, illegal aliens in Georgia are given medical care for FREE on top of all those other lovely programs designated for American citizens that our elected officials hand out for free to NON CITIZENS!!!

Steve Ronnebeck has been waiting over 4 years for a trial to begin for the killer of his son, Grant Ronnebeck. Grant was killed in January of 2015 while working at a convenience store in Mesa, Az. The REPEAT illegal alien criminal, fresh off of probation, shot Grant point blank in the face because Grant wasn’t counting the jar of change the illegal had dumped on the counter for a pack of cigarettes at the convenience store Grant was working at. This illegal POS had already faced kidnapping and assault charges with little jail time. Now his taxpayer provided defense attorney’s have been fighting to prevent the store video showing the crime from being shown in the trial and they have fought to prove the killer is intellectually disabled. Mind you, he owned a home flipping company but now all of the sudden he was intellectually disabled. They flew 12 friends and family from Mexico, on taxpayer money, to testify at the hearing. The judge ruled he was intellectually disabled which automatically put the death penalty the prosecution was seeking, off the table. Now, it gets even better……7 of those 12 people flown in on your taxpayer money, have disappeared in the US and they have not been sent back to Mexico. Just think, we get to basically support this POS friends and family indefinitely. Where is the JUSTICE??? We are certain that defense attorneys in this country are going to cite this “intellectually disabled” case to use as the defense in their cases in which they are representing illegal alien killers, and have them deemed the same. It takes the death penalty off the table immediately. Keep an eye on the Molly Tibbet’s case.

Michelle Root has been waiting for her daughter, Sarah Root’s killer to be found. He left a hospital where he was being treated for injuries never to be seen again.

Vickie Lyon has been waiting over 18 years for her daughter, Nikki’s killer to be found. He left the scene of the accident never to be seen again.

Wendy Corcoran and her husband had to witness their son, Pierce Corcoran’s killer, be DEPORTED before the trial even began! He is more than likely already back over our borders under a new identity and living life as if nothing happened.

The list goes on and on. Let me be very clear that this is not just an emotionally devastating event, it is NEVER ENDING for some families. Many Angel Families have paid $50,000 or more in legal representation to never see justice. AND the illegal alien criminal in those cases have had their legal representation PROVIDED by……you guessed it; the American Taxpayer…you and me and the victims family PAID for their loved ones illegal alien killer’s defense attorney!!!

I just wanted to get this out there because I don’t think many people think BEYOND an article they read about a new Angel Family being destroyed. Every crime committed in this country that the end result is the death of an innocent victim is HORRENDOUS and Devastating but, know that when the perpetrator is illegally present in this country and you stop and realize we have elected officials who’s salaries we pay, that are encouraging, aiding and abetting them all getting over our borders and being able to stay here, its a pretty hard reality to accept. Then Sanctuary Policies are in place with the excuse they make our communities safer. They can all go jump off a cliff and don’t for one moment believe that ridiculous argument!!!

When will there be a hearing in DC before a Congressional Committee to hear about the devastating results of open borders. When will they take the time and show the compassion to AMERICAN victims? It sickens me every time I watch a hearing where an illegal alien is crying over being separated from their child or complaining about the detention centers……give me a break!!!! They chose to be an irresponsible adult dragging their child thousands of miles with no regard for their physical or psychological well being, yet our elected officials play on emotion but NEVER let Angel Families present these stories I have highlighted and thousands of others.

I pray everyday that not one more family is affected by Illegal Alien crime but it’s getting worse every day The amount of articles I read and cases that come to my attention are seriously starting to worry me beyond comprehension. It’s becoming a HUGE problem with NO main stream media attention. Angel Families are shoved into the shadows.

Please stay vigilant and fight the corruption in your cities, counties and states. We have to get a grasp on the liberal ideology that these illegal criminals are good for our country. They are not. Without proper vetting and control over who is entering our great country, it’s like playing Russian roulette. A big gamble with a lot to lose.

God Bless,

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Loving Memory of my Beautiful Son

Sgt Brandon Mendoza

Walking the Walk

President Trump is walking the walk. Although he is met with resistance at every turn, at least he is seeing the problems our porous borders present and is trying to make a difference. When we have sound bites from the majority of liberal politicians in the past supporting border security and condemning illegal immigration, what has turned the tide? Walking the Walk. When did the ACLU, pro-illegal, pro-open border organizations become so well endowed that they are able to file a lawsuit on every step our President makes? Trust me when I say this: there is evil much darker than you can imagine funding this. I know, I’ve researched and it’s scary. When President Trump was running for office, the main topic in his campaign was border security. It’s remained in the news since his election for a reason; IT’S REAL. Why have the liberals become so unhinged? Because it’s REAL. This is not what they expected to be happening the past 2.5 years. They were envisioning a utopia of unfettered illegal immigration, open borders on crack and our communities reshaping to accommodate the world.

When you stop to think about it, in the past when illegal immigration has come up, the politicians talk about it long enough to make it “appear” they really care but in reality all they want to do is shelf the topic and move on to wasteful spending of our hard earned tax dollars.

President Reagan ear marked border security money DECADES ago! Where did that money go? Programs that are funded and ready to go are like a gleaming beacon to our useless politicians as another account to rob and pillage to use at THEIR discretion. Just like our Social Security money we are forced to pay into.

When did a politicians “personal” feelings about a topic rule how they would vote or what they would support in DC? When did the American citizen who values his/her voting rights become obsolete in the decision making in DC? When did we vote to allow these politicians to make financial decisions spending our tax dollars on frivolous studies and overspending? When did OUR rights as American citizens become irrelevant to those elected officials? When did Illegal Alien “rights” become more important and valued to our elected officials; on a city, state, county, state and federal level?!?

This is a pivotal time in our countries history. The left will go to ANY means to stop the progression of making our country safe again. They encourage complete disrespect for our LEO communities, they encourage violence towards conservative speech and they encourage lawbreaking illegals to cross our borders with Welcome Signs to our taxpayer programs that are intended for American Citizens. Listening to all the Democratic candidates is like attending a Hate Rally. Their distain and hate towards our President and ANYONE who supports him drips out of their mouths like poison. I am truly disgusted that the one man in DC who stands up for ALL of us over anyone or any other country is degraded on the level he is on a daily basis. Look, I hear hateful things thrown at me a lot but that is like a single piece of sand on a beach compared to what our PRESIDENT deals with daily! God Bless him.

Just wanting to remind you all that who you vote for is VERY important in 2020. I know everyday life has most of you running around with no real time to spend reading up on candidates, issues and illegal crime BUT you need to set aside some time every week to get connected to the issues that are important to YOU. We need to start holding our elected officials accountable for the job they may not be doing. You work everyday and pay taxes that in turn pay their salaries. You SHOULD have a say and matter more to those who’s salary you pay.

I hope you are all having a beautiful week. I hope my rants will resonate with you and bring light on some issues you may not have thought about. Thank you for reading and share if you feel it’s important enough to share.

God Bless

Mary Ann Mendoza

In loving Memory of my son, Brandon Mendoza 2/12/82-5/12/14

Misleading the Public

When I think about how many news organizations, liberal politicians and Hollywood Elite have made their comments on the “concentration camps” at our borders, I have to wonder what is their agenda? If they truly believed that, then why is it a fleeting news moment for certain people who do their little video to post on Twitter or FB and then they go on with their lives as if nothing is wrong? I know that the fight I am fighting on behalf of all American Victims of Illegal Crime is a hourly, daily, weekly struggle. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night for all the information rolling around in my head. I cannot fathom walking away from this issue tomorrow. One statement from me or an interview can’t even come close to covering ALL the information I have and know to be the truth.

The biggest one I am mentioning is AOC going to the border and finding the ONE holding area that probably happened to have a non functioning sink and she makes a broad statement that these women are forced to drink toilet water. If I had been there and witnessed ALL these women forced to drink toilet water, trust me, it wouldn’t have been a fleeting conversation with the news. I would be fighting it until it got resolved. Here’s what I know; The one non functioning sink doesn’t represent the thousands of working sinks, hard work, endless supply of necessities we are providing or the compassion and care shown by our Border Patrol agents. I’d like to see AOC go and put a uniform on and work at one of the detention centers for a DAY. She won’t because that is beneath her. Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona led a Congressional group to tour the warehouse in El Paso. Check out his FB page. Therein lies the truth. A HUGE warehouse with endless supplies needed on a daily basis to make these illegal invaders as comfortable as possible. And trust me, it’s far more that what they had where they came from. Food, clothes, formula, diapers, underwear, socks, etc……you name it, it’s there. Our country IS providing hospitable environments for people who are illegally present and out of the blue they are demanding it to be a 5 star resort WITH the help and encouragement from Pro-Illegal, Pro-Open Border and Trump haters.

They are exploiting these illegals to start a hate campaign beyond anything we have seen. No other country provides what we have to these illegals. When you think of it, what other country could you illegally enter, demand to be treated better than their homeless population, have attorneys and politicians tripping over themselves to fight for you, have politicians changing laws to accommodate you, commit a crime against one of their citizens and be shown to an area providing “sanctuary” to you from their laws?!? Laws that had one of their citizens broke they would be held accountable to the full extent that their laws allow! THIS is what our country has become.

Until we are all on the same page realizing that we have to start at our local levels; city, county and state representatives and hold them accountable for the laws they are enacting WITHOUT voter approval, we won’t see anything changing. It is imperative that we start NOW and get the word out to our communities. Sanctuary Policies DO NOT make our communities safer! I am the mother of a law enforcement officer and I know from my conversations with him prior to his death that letting these illegal criminals out after they commit crimes in our communities makes it dangerous not only for the citizens but our LEO too! These Illegal Criminals are in the mindset that they will get off for committing ANY crime in a Sanctuary community! The area emboldened to stand up to our LEO.

I hope people will start getting the courage to speak out about these issues and try and make a difference in your communities with your friends and neighbors. Make them listen to your argument about getting the elected officials out of office who are arbitrarily making Sanctuary Policies the standard for your community. YOU deserve better. We ALL deserve better. We DESERVE the protection and representation that they promised when they were voted into office by their AMERICAN constituents.

God Bless

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Memory of my beautiful son Brandon Mendoza

EOW 5/12/14

Ending the Flores Settlement

The easiest way to stop the illegal immigration invasion we have going on IS to end the Flores Settlement. In 1997, the U.S. government reached an agreement known as the Flores Settlement Agreement, which arose out of Flores v. Reno, a 1987 California case.

The Flores settlement requires that minors in INS custody must be housed in facilities that meet certain standards, including state standards for housing and care of dependent children. The settlement also establishes state licensing authority over detention facilities and defines a “licensed program” as any program, agency or organization that is licensed by an appropriate state agency to provide residential, group or foster care services for dependent children.

Under the agreement, INS is required to place minors in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the child’s age and special needs, provide notice of rights, safe and sanitary facilities, toilets and sinks, drinking water and food, medical assistance, temperature control, supervision, and contact with family members, among other requirements.

Notably, in times of emergency or an influx of immigrants, the government has some leeway in the amount of time a child may be detained. The expanded definition of influx as 130 or more minors could be applied to large arrivals of unaccompanied minors and may impact facility standards and oversight. Because many of the current detention facilities do not comply with the standards in the Flores settlement, the government must release children within 20 days, sometimes to a sponsor in the community or an alternative-to-detention program.

On July 24, 2015, in a momentous victory for children and families, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled that the federal government’s family detention policy violated the terms of the settlement agreement by failing to release children promptly and by holding children in secure, unlicensed facilities. 

With approximately 50-70% of our Border Patrol men and women being utilized to transport these illegals to detention centers and to basically be babysitters, you can see that there is a HUGE deficit in resources to process these “families” in a timely manner. 20 days IS NOT enough time to properly vet these adults or determine if children are in fact “family members” of the adults bringing them across our borders. We have heard of all the cases of children being trafficked by adults as the word has spread if you have a child with you, it’s basically your ticket into the United States. We KNOW previously deported criminals are in the caravan’s; they have freely admitted that to embedded journalists traveling with them. 15,000 children are listed as MISSING in Mexico alone. I have talked to a man who has witnessed children being sold in a lot of the Central American countries for a mere $80!!!!!

When did our politicians become more concerned with illegal alien “rights” then they did about the safety of American citizens and the crime that these illegals bring to our communities? I truly mean ALL of them too! First of all, the majority of these caravans have crossed our unsecured borders, not at a Port of Entry as required to file for asylum. They are then placed on many of our programs that supply them with FREE: medical, food, housing assistance, education and in some cases, cash assistance. These are ALL programs put in place for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Did any of you reading this EVER vote to have these assistance programs available to ILLEGAL INVADERS!?! I sure didn’t, yet our ELECTED OFFICIALS make these decisions DAILY! Then when they arrive here, one or more of their family members steal an American’s identity to be able to work in our country. They are ALL REPEAT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS and our politicians ENCOURAGE this!

Ending the Flores Settlement will send a clear message to these illegals contemplating a trip to get here that they WILL be spending an indefinite time in our detention centers and WILL be processed at our borders. 94% of them will be send back home because they WILL NOT qualify for asylum. It’s the most logical, sane solution I have heard in a long time. Why should we continue to release them into our country because of unreasonable “time restraints” put on the process? Why should they become the taxpayers burden and we pay for everything for them when they don’t belong here legally? Why should they be released INTO our country when our government knows full damn well the majority are NOT here for the right reasons? It’s time our politicians get a backbone, stop with the hate for this administration and STAND UP FOR AMERICANS!!!! It’s time to STOP the incentives and send a clear message to the world: we WILL NOT be the suckers we have been in the past. Our homeless American citizens and Veterans deserve EVERYTHING that is being handed out to these ILLEGAL INVADERS with basically no questions asked.

I encourage you all to call your Representatives and let them know you SUPPORT ending the Flores Settlement. Let’s get this clear message to DC!

Thank you for standing with me to fight this injustice.

God Bless,

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

In Loving Memory of my beautiful son Brandon